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Welcome to the Grass Lake Community Schools Transportation Department.

The Transportation Department of Grass Lake Community Schools is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation to all qualifiying students for regular school days and all extra-curricular and athletic runs. Please feel free to call the department at 517-867-5544 any time with questions or concerns.

Grass Lake Community Schools Transportation Mission Statement -

The mission of the Grass Lake Community Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe, efficient and professional transportation service for our students while supporting the district educational mission.

Transportation Office:
Doug Moeckel - Director, 11500 Warrior Trail, Grass Lake, MI 49240
Phone: 517-867-5544     Fax: 517-522-8195

Bus Garage:

Jr. Ambs - Mechanic, 899 S. Union St., Grass Lake, MI 49240
Phone: 517-867-5602     Fax: 517-522-3255
Transportation Department Announcements
The Benefits of School Bus Ridership - Resources for Parents
The following resources are available to parents to help them learn about the benefits of school bus ridership, keep children safe in and around the school bus, and support the school bus in their community.
A notice for families planning to use Grass Lake Schools bussing this fall to begin the 2017-2018 school year.
With school starting on Wednesday, August 23, and Back to School Night scheduled for Monday, August 21, any student bus scheduling updates or changes given to us after 3:00 PM on Thursday, August 17, at 5:00 PM, will not be assured of being in place for the first day of school. All requests after August 17 will be handled on a first come-first serve basis and will be handled as quickly as possible. Please get your requests in as early as possible. Call the transportation office at 517-867-5544, or e-mail to

If your planned bus stop is at your home and you live in the Grass Lake School District boundaries, your child(ren) will automatically be placed on a bus and you will be receiving an information packet on approximately August 12. If you are schools of choice and your children are already scheduled to be on a bus, we will plan for them to continue, unless notified otherwise.

· Eating, drinking or chewing while on the bus
· Loud talking, singing, or screaming
· Not sitting properly.
NOTE: Students are to remain seated “bottom to the bottom and back to the back” and out of the aisle at all times until the bus has come to a complete stop at each student’s specified destination, unless directed to move by the driver.
· Profanity or abusive language
· Any body parts out the window
· Throwing objects inside or out of the bus
· Disrespectful speech or actions toward another student or the driver
· Not following directions of the driver
· Videotaping other students on purpose, or inadvertently
· Damage or destruction of school property
· Use or possession of any incendiary device, such as a lighter or matches
· Use or possession of any type of weapon
· Use or possession of any illegal substance
Go to to view the entire Transportation Handbook.
Substitute Bus Drivers Needed
Talking Points for Kindergarten Roundup Parents Meeting
1. Drivers, teachers and administrators are all interested our parents knowing that we are watching out for their children.
2. Grass Lake runs a single tier bus system, which means we transport Kindergarten through 12th grade students together on one bus with the youngest children near the front.
3. Our buses are designated with animals to allow our youngest children to more easily recognize their bus. Animal pictures are located on the third window back from the door.
4. Parents are not allowed aboard our buses with students, except for chaperoned field trips.
5. For the morning pickups we ask that the child be out of the car and ready to proceed to the bus immediately upon the bus door opening.
6. For the afternoon drop offs, we ask that someone be visible from the bus before we drop off the child.
7. Students must remain seated properly throughout the bus ride for their safety.
8. Children are not allowed to ride other buses other than what they are assigned to, except in an emergency.
9. Bus route information with bus assignments and approximate stop times will be mailed home on August 19, 2015.
10. Stops other than the home address must be given to the transportation office as soon as that information is available.
11. Requests for our limited schools-of-choice bussing options must be given to the transportation office as soon as possible
12. If a student receives a transportation package and will not be riding a bus to begin the year, let us know as soon as possible. (A start date later in the school year can be arranged.)
13. To contact the Transportation Department, call 517-867-5544, or e-mail
Early Bussing Information is Welcome and Encouraged
If you have information that you would like to share regarding bus transportation for your children, or you just have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make the updates before we mail information on August 13. Call 867-5544, or e-mail Thank you!
Winter Bus Stop Suggestions
On Wednesday, January 13, an article ran in the Jackson Citizen Patriot discussing winter bus safety ideas. (Click here to see the article.) The article stated that our drivers "must" see that someone is home when dropping off Kindergarten through 5th grade students. We need to clarify that our drivers do their best to make sure that all children get to where they need to be and there is someone available. But there are many situations when it is extremely difficult to make that claim, such as subdivisions, houses that are a long way from the road, or apartment stops. For you child's safety at any age, we recommend the following:
1. Dress your child for the weather.
2. Make sure they have an alternative place to go in the event that a caregiver is not available at the normal stop.
3. Call the transportation office at 517-867-5544 and your child's school office in the event that a child's normal riding schedule is being altered. (If an emergency change is needed after 2:00 PM for that day's run, call your child's school office. They will contact the necessary people.)
As always, please call the Transportation Department office at 517-867-5544 for any questions. Thank you.
Department Contacts
+ Ambs, Jr. - Bus Mechanic
+ Moeckel, Doug - Director
Click on name to see details.

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